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Our passion for action films has inspired us to do in-depth analyses of fight sequences with action filmmakers around the world. 

Halloween Action Movie Breakdowns feat. Jerry Horror! – Blade, Aliens, Freddy v Jason Action Filmmaking Decoded- The Story of Action Films

Happy Halloween! Today, we’ll be diving into three of our favorite action horror films, and helping us accomplish this spooky task is Jerry Horror, host of “The Offering” podcast! In this episode, we break down the groundbreaking Blade and explore how Wesley Snipes laid the groundwork that the MCU would be built upon several years later. We also explore how Aliens was able to so effectively act as an action-oriented sequel to its horror-centric predecessor. Finally, we get into the divisive Freddy v Jason which was salvaged from development hell just like how Freddy brought Jason back from literal hell! We also talk pure action films… shaky cam, martial arts choreography, and film history all get talked about because our guest really wants y’all to learn something! Join us as we talk action horror alongside Jerry Horror: Host of The Offering Podcast! – Edited by Luigi Hernandez If you enjoyed this episode, you can support us at Subscribe and leave a review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or the podcast app of your choice. Find us at, on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok at @actionfilmmakingpodcast, or on Twitter @ActionDecoded Until next time, thanks for listening. — Support this podcast:
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Director of Extraction, Sam Hargrave, breaks down some of his favorite scenes.

“The podcast has been consistently thorough in its reviews of scenes and chock-filled with interesting information from the personable hosts to the latest (awesome) director/long-standing stunt actor!”

– Quin, San Francisco

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